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The packaged tours currently offered by SWTS are listed here. New tours are added onto the website from time to time so feel free to check it occasionally! . Full day tours generally run from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, although tour destinations located more than 150 kms from Bunbury may run a bit longer or alternatively an overnight stay may be recommended at your furthest destination.

Bunbury and Surrounds (Tour G1)
Ferguson Valley Winery Tour (Tour G2)
Busselton/Geographe Bay Tour (Tour G3)
Harvest Highway Country Tour (Tour G4)
Perth/Fremantle Tour (Tour PF1)
Mandurah and Lunch Cruise (Tour P1)
Margaret River Winery Tours (Tour MR1)
Boranup Forest Tour, including Augusta and the Leeuwin Lighthouse (Tour MR2)
An Amazing Southwest Farm Experience (Tour MR3)

Personalised Tours


SWTS would like to be your personal tour operator, taking your family, friends or visitors to your desired destinations, whether they be North to the Perth/Fremantle area or within the greater South West region of WA. The Nine packaged tours described on our website  are popular destinations where we’ve prepared tour itineraries and/or have conducted tours. However, we can personalise these tours or take your group to any other regional locations, either in the Peel district (including Mandurah), or throughout the South West region or to the Great Southern tourist district.

For example, our new Harvest Highway tour (Tour G4) makes  agri-tourism visits to country towns like Boyanup, Donnybrook, Balingup and back through Capel. We can also do a southern version of that tour to Boddington, Manjimup, Pemberton andBridgetown, or with an overnight stay included down to Great Southern  tourist destinations like Albany, Denmark, Walpole or over to Bremer Bay.


Tour No. Tour Description Duration Min. Tour Group Price per Person (AU$ – Tour Only) Box Lunch

(Optional Cost)

Price per Person

(incl. Accom + Tour)

G1 Bunbury and Surrounds Tour Full Day 2 $65 $12 N/A A 5 hour tour is avail. for $55
G2 Ferguson Valley Wine Tour Full Day 2 $65 $12 N/A A 5 hour tour is avail. for $55
G3 Busselton/Geographe Bay Tour Full Day 3 $90 $12 N/A Cave and Lighthouse entry fees are not included
G4 Harvest Highway Country Tour Full Day 3 $90 $12 N/A
PF1 Perth/Fremantle Tour Full Day 3 $95 N/A N/A No extra cost if passengers stay over 1 night; we’ll return to Bunbury/Busselton the next day
P1 Mandurah, incl. Lunch Cruise Full Day 3 $125 N/A N/A Price includes a 1 ½ hour Fish n Chip Lunch Cruise ($40 pp)
MR1 Margaret River Wine Tour Full Day 3 $95 $12 N/A 1 or 2 night accoms. in MR for longer tours is avail. if req’d.
MR2 Boyanup Forest & Augusta Tour Full Day 3 $95 $12 N/A Tour departs early, at 9:00 am
MR3 Amazing South West Farm Experience 4 days/nights 4 Included in Price  


$700 Tour operator will make daily tour trips into Busselton or to surrounding areas at no additional charge. A 5th night stay is available if required at an extra charge. See detailed tour description on SWTS website. (


  1. Prices per person are based on the minimum tour group size listed above.
  2. Prices listed are valid from through 30 June 2017. Although SWTS reserves the right to change its tour prices at any time, including offering discounted seasonal rates or “Tour Specials”. New packaged tours will be added onto the SWTS website from time to time.
  3. Cold bottled water and snacks are available during the tour free of charge.
  4. See the SWTS website for detailed tour descriptions including the scheduled departure and arrival times. (
  5. Any of the above packaged tours can be personalised to suit your Tour Group’s needs. Just call Brian (0402-091-117) before the tour commences.
  6. There’s no extra cost for pick-ups and drop-offs of passengers at your accommodation in Bunbury or Busselton, but it must be within 15 kms of the CBD.
  7. Generally speaking, the costs of meals, attractions or national parks, including entry fees are not included above. Check with Brian for further details & approximate cost estimates for attractions and/or entry fees prior to the tour.