Geographe Wine Region Tour (G5)

This is an exciting new regional wine tour offered by SWTS!

Over the past several months, our passengers have become aware of the fine wineries located in the Fergie Valley, nearby Bunbury, and we’ve completed many successful tours there!

Our new Geographe Wine Region tour will take you out beyond the Fergie Valley, to the surrounding wine districts either further north to the Harvey area (closer to Perth) or further south to the Donnybrook area.

The Geographe Wine Region encompasses and completely surrounds the Fergie Valley, and it effectively doubles the number of wineries that have tasting cellars, plus it offers many unique attractions, including fruit orchards, biodynamic farms, beautiful pastures and scenery, plus stops at delicious bakeries, quaint country towns and shops!

The northerly region includes the Myalup and Harvey areas, with tasting stops at wineries, a stop at the Crooked Carrot Cafe, a visit to a brewery, and to a biodynamic farm, a country shop that makes its own jams, minces and sauces, the Harvey Dam plus a visit to the early home of May Gibbs, the author of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!

The southerly tour through Boyanup and to the Donnybrook area includes visits to award-winning family owned wineries, beautiful pastoral scenery, a hidden treasures shop the ladies will love, a bakery, and stops at orchards and unique country towns & shops!

Either tour (northerly or southerly version) are available from Thursdays to Sundays. Each tour will be approximately 7 hours duration, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, originating from Bunbury with passenger pick-ups available within a 15 km radius.